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Making you our Priority

You are our Priority

Why is having a Fee-Only Fiduciary important to my success?

We are dedicated, fee-only fiduciaries. When Sovereign Capital Vantage, Inc. was formed, a great deal of thought was put into our structure. Once the options were all considered, our choice was clear: we registered the corporation as a Registered Investment Adviser only, and not as a broker dealer representative. This structure allows us to operate as fiduciaries for our clients, legally governed by the best interest standard — placing your interests even before our own — rather than merely operating under a less-stringent “suitability standard“. Only about 8% of financial advisors choose this path. We invite you to sit and learn why we believe this difference is critical to your financial future, and how being a fiduciary has helped our clients who found a trusted advisor who puts their interests first.

We are driven by values

We employ what is commonly referred to as a core-satellite investment management approach, which we’ve modified with our own expertise. This allowed us to develop five customizable investment models in an efficient, cost effective manner. What is a core satellite investment approach and how do we utilize this approach for our clients?

Core – Is made up of selected high-quality, large, dividend paying US companies like those found in the S&P 500. The objective of the core is to provide a foundation in the models that is diversified, generally moves with the market volatility, yet with a slightly higher return, maintaining diversification.

Satellite – The objective of the satellites is to achieve alpha, or simply put, to improve returns. These investments commonly include growth stocks you might find in the NASDAQ–stocks less likely to pay dividends–but more focused on growth.

We then use our expertise and knowledge of our client’s objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance, to place them in an appropriate model. More conservative models will be weighted more toward Core, while more aggressive models will be more weighted toward the Satellites.

To schedule a private consultation with a financial advisor, please call us at 804-299-3747 or 662-510-8977.