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Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson | Fiduciary

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Marc Thompson is a Christian man, attending fellowships with the same church since 1986. He has been married to Diana since 1988 and together they have four daughters. He resides in Ashland, Virginia. Marc is an owner and founder of Sovereign Capital Vantage, and leads Sovereign’s multi-state operations, with responsibility for the business of caring for client’s wealth and planning in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, New York, Tennessee and Washington. He developed the five investment models that form the foundation of investments we offer our clients.

Marc began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1996 and since that time has worked with clients of all sorts–from clients in late retirement years, to high net worth accredited investors and retail investors to Private Placements and Intrastate Public Offerings.

Marc has served in a high-level leadership role in four investment related companies in Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, including his role as President, CEO, and Director of Heartland Associates, Inc., a diversified financial holding company located in Missouri, which owned and operated two subsidiaries, Heartland Insurance Group and Heartland Investment Management, a Registered Investment Adviser.

Heartland was a privately held company owned by more than 230 accredited investors. In this role, Marc was responsible for the formation of the parent company as well as their subsidiaries and exercised a fiduciary duty to the shareholders. He oversaw three stock offerings which raised millions of dollars and executed a business plan he developed, which resulted in Heartland Insurance Group becoming the fastest growing Health Insurance Agency in the state of Missouri. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri, the company was the fastest growing they had ever seen.